Friday, 24 June 2011

Meggs Inner demon at Redbull Studios London

Meeting Meggs - a real pleasure

Bird in the hand 11

Idle hands 11

Flat sheet

Inner demons

This piece wasn't for sale - it was a stencil on the wall,
but it wasn't till I got home I noticed my own shadow
filling in the gaps - fuckn demons coming out and in...

One of the crazy ass props supporting the exhibition

Now this is more an installation than a prop, but check the mag (click to enlarge)

Went to Meggs first UK solo show at the fantastic Redbull studios in London Bridge tonight - courtesy of ZeroCool. Was an awesome show, and a great turn out to see the work and meet the man in person. Top chap, and meeting him to discuss his work was a thorough pleasure. Looking forward to more big things from Meggs over the coming months.

Partook in too much of the sponsors generosity (which is why I'm writing this at 2:30am on a school night, but you get that. Thanks Meggs and thanks ZeroCool Gallery (and damn you vodka and Redbull!!)

Here's what they have to say about Meggs... Australian contemporary artist and member of Melbourne’s infamous Everfresh crew Meggs hit London town for his first ever UK solo show tonight. The exhibition entitled Inner Demons used a combination of Painting, Collage, Print, Film and Installations to explore the darkness which can be found within all of us!

Inner Demons is an exploration of fears, desires and obstacles which each person faces within themselves. A demon is commonly represented as an undesirable evil, however when personal challenges are overcome these 'demons' can become empowered as a symbol of achievement and self-reflection. Meggs continues his observation of human dualities by combining demonic and human elements in expressive layered canvas works, photographic references and illustrated symbols.”

If you're in the London Bridge area over the next few weeks, do stop in to the studio and check it out. The pics I took tonight really don't do the work justice, so go and see it for yourself.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Revolutionary pop-art on the streets of Bulgaria

Came across this one today on German site: Speigel online. Thought I'd chuck it up as it's quite brilliant. Have also used their captions as well (for comedy purposes through googletranslate...

Overnight painted war memorial: It is amazing how perfectly fits the shape of the bronze figures for their new costumes.

New photo opportunity in the inner city: The writing on the monument means "go with the times." Previously, ...

... the controversial monument quite clear, as shown in the picture below.

Posing with the colored soldiers Who has such a monument is embellished, not previously known.

Completely brilliant. Would love to know who was responsible for this, and look forward to imitations across the world...