Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Paris summer part 1

We recently went to Paris for a 4 day break with our friend Simon. Whilst there we snapped some pretty fine pieces of graffiti so I thought I'd share some with you, here goes...

 Distressed girl

 Blind test

 Tightrope walker

 Now I'm not usually a fan of rubbish tagging, but this one caught my eye as my name is Hame and my twin sister's name is Heather (Hev) - we didn't do this tag though!


 Ph. Herard

   Ph. Herard

   Ph. Herard

   Ph. Herard

We were walking the streets on sunday morning when we came across three pieced that had been done on cut door panels. I really liked this one, and was tempted to bring it back to London, but it was too bloody heavy. Great idea though, so I think I may use it later...

acrylic on door panel

 Invader across the canal from our apartment

  Ph. Herard

 Sign modification (for Mark)

 Wonder woman (now)

 This was a really nice paste-up but unfortunately if had been dogged by the time we came across it

 Interesting stencil in gay town


 Super Mario in tiles

 B&W paste-up

 Large B&W hand painted past-up


 Invader down toward Notre Damme

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Paris summer part 2

On a recent trip to Paris I took a bunch of snaps of what was happening over there. This is part 2:

Love the continuated messaging on this piece near Hotel Du Nord 


Flouro  phallis

Not sure who this is, but it was very well done 

We came across this guy on our first day, and even saw the artist putting one up near our apartment in broad daylight... No two are the same so it's always a pleasure to see the next one.

 Ph. Herard signs most pieces. Can't find much info on him, but here's a link (from a french site): http://www.loveonthewall.com/2012/05/ph-herard.html

Dickey Mouse 

 Ph. Herard 

 Ph. Herard 


 Woman paste up

 Woman paste up. There were a number of these life size stencil/paste ups around the city, all individual, ann very well done, great style and technique, and mostly all ver high up 


Tile cow 

Cast painted face

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Amy Winehouse in Camden

Amy Jade

Came across this nice Amy Winehouse stencil on a doorway on Camden Road on our way to the Shapeshifter gig at Electric Ballroom.

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Some random pics from Old St/Shoreditch



Olympic winners 

Olympic Laurel & Hardy

Here's a few pics from the old street area, taken by Jen who has started working down Brick Lane, and will be my girl on the job as she walks through the hood everyday, and is happy to snap the pieces for me as they go up. Stay tuned for more...

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