Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bristol for the weekend

Headed over to bristol with some mates on friday night for Roger's stag weekend, which involved a lot of drinking and mischief, along with equal amounts of quad bike racing, hovercrafting, clay pigeon shooting and archery. Also included a leisurely brunch in the sun and checking out the updated graf in my fav Bristol haunt - Stokes Croft. Hope you enjoy...
Nice wall in the Croft 

This 7 colour stencil was on the Banksy spaceman wall 

Spaceman from Lidl 

The wall is down from Stokes Croft near the Holiday Inn 

 Raccoon and pissing boy

Silver surfer 

Didn't so much like this piece - liked the old manequins legs overhead tho... 

Trippy door 



Bristol part 2

yes, some more from Banksy's home town, Bristol.
Nice surface pattern from Dinosaur (detail) 

Dinosaur (detail)


High up a pillar 

Dark styles 

Xmas grinch 

Birds life 


Crazy shit this acid 

Sleep safely 

Sweet little paste-up

Bristol part 3

More from the w/e trip to the home of Banksy. This is all from the edgy, bohemian area of Stokes Croft, north of the city centre.
The whole town seems to be anti-Tesco, especially those in the Croft 

 Eye-catching shop frontage

Eye-catching shop frontage (detail) 

This phone shop caught our eye covered in aps  


Apartment block 


Reverse graffiti in the car park...

This one's been doing the rounds this week, so I thought I'd chuck it up for anyone who hasn't seen it. Kind of reverse graf (see my previous article on Reverse Graffiti from Sao Paulo posted on 04/05/10) but not so much graf as 'art' in dirt...