Wednesday, 17 December 2008

New Years eve with a bang. 40's Blitz style

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Christmas is almost upon us... but what about new years!?

Kindly Neill has stepped up to the plate, and will be hosting a rip roaring party at the mansion in Oval. The theme is set: Blitz, London, 1940. I'm in the process of doing the invite for them, and while this flyer isn't in the final short list, I liked it, so I've stuck it up until the final decision has been made by the committee.

The bonus is (apart from being surrounded by an absolutely spiffing bunch of people, being able to control the dj order, no large bar bill, a massive multi zoned location, an huge outdoor garden etc) that the tubes are running all night, and they're free.

Heads down, it's gonna go off!

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