Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Only in Sweden - Brad Downey permanently

Um, ok, it's a bunch of ugly graffiti on a garage wall, so what?

Ah, but it's not! It's tiled for permanence...

But, ironically enough, it's been tagged and postered before you even
managed to get the photo taken (see top left). I just really wonder...

Swedish artist Brad Downey mozaics his way into creative deformity by tiling a wall of the worlds ugliest graf and tags* to make a permanent reminder of why some of public thinks public art is tasteless vandalism. From Brad: "I had alot of fun and help from Ruskig, August, Jazz, Ajja, and many many more students from the Hip Hop School in Malmo. We took a wall covered in illegal graffiti and made it permanent.

Great concept, but not entirely sure Brad was the man for the job (and sorry, I'm not usually one to pass judgment on artists work, but... Photos by August Dahllöf

* Opinion

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