Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Elbow-Toe near Redchurch

Peter Rabbit - Elbow-Toe (click on image to enlarge)

Was lucky enough to have yesterday off work, and it was fine(ish) so decided to take a stroll down Brick Lane/Redchurch/Shoreditch/Hoxton hoods to see what was going down. Lucky to catch the Elbow-Toe piece near Redchurch Street. He is a NY based artist that has been concentrating his skills mainly over there, but has dropped a number of pieces over here too, one of which I was lucky enough to photograph yesterday. I'm gonna feature some of the pics here over the next few weeks, but for the moment go to:

The thing that struck me most on my wander was how short a shelf life graffiti and street art has. There were some really nice pieces up in this area not more than a few weeks ago, and they are all gone now - covered by absolute crap! Now I'm not an art critic, and I'm no ones ambassador, but I know what I like, and for that matter what I don't, and it does upset me when what I think is special is covered by the random scribblings of a retard. That's my rant for today, but I will be re-covering this subject again soon...

In the mean time, check out more of Elbow-Toe's work on:

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