Monday, 16 November 2009

Rakes album cover project by Work Associates

Rakes recent album release: Klang

Album cover back experimenting further with the light/projection theory

Inlay - group shot super-imposed on projected light

Work applied the same graphic approach to the singles 1989 and Reason.

Work Associates looked to some of the Germanic influences on The Rakes' third album, Klang, to create their entrancing typographic sleeve for the release and the supporting singles. Here's how they did it...

Recorded in a former radio studio in east Berlin (and titled after the German word for "sound") Work based their imagery partly on Bauhaus principles and on colour theorist Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack's 1920s experiments with various apparatus that could generate moving projections of coloured light. His processes were later explained in his booklet, Farben Licht-Spiele.

"Hirschfeld-Mack's idea seemed to convey the appropriate movement to suggest sound in a single image," explains Work's Rob Crane.

This is a nice project based on a great artistic principle, remastered using the technology of today.

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peter said...

The current "De Stijl" exhibition at Tate Modern in London has a 2000 video reconstruction of Hirschfield-Mack's Farben-Licht-Spiele (Colour-Light-Play) from 1923-4, which may interest you. It is very hypnotic.