Thursday, 27 October 2011

Group show at Hospital Club

Second on the list for Thursday 13th saw us at a special opening of a group show on the ground floor of the gallery of Hospital Club. Another fantastic show hosted by Factory Project. Some truly outstanding work by some gifted artists, most of whom were in attendance on the night.

This was my fav piece; Untitled 
(part of a series of 5 post-London riot paintings) 
in oil on hi-viz reflective material by Cosmo Sarson 

The girls pose infront of Cosmos' series
Natalie's fav peice was by Jewel, but was unable to photograph it 
due to its reflective surface and full-on lighting

An awesome painting made to appear as a security mirror. 
Unsure who the artist was, but it was so current that all the paintings 
in the pic were in perfect mirror position on the walls reflected 

Jen's fav piece by uber-talented Fin DAC

The gallery was full of artists, critics and punters

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