Saturday, 18 October 2008

Alternative Berlin - streets, squats, subculture

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Explore the gritty, grungy, underground of the city that Berliners love. Witness the clash between corporate expansion and counter-culture. Get off the tired tourist trail and see what makes this city the underground envy of other European capitals.

The tour starts daily at 2pm from the corner of Oranienburger Strasse & Tucholsky Strasse. Nearest transport stop: S-Bahn line (S1) : Oranienburger.

Tour guide: MATTI. Born in Berlin when it was still divided into an eastern and a western part – coming into the world on the communist side of the iron curtain. Fortunately the situation changed when he was one year old, so he was able to grow up in this city when it went through some of its craziest years – he saw Berlin growing together, changing its face rapidly, and fell in love with it. Now he’s eager to tell the people about the city he spent most of his life in and help them understand why Berlin is such an exciting and interesting place to live in.

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