Thursday, 16 October 2008

Lifelounge 89 - The Moral of the Story Edition

After Mr Bouncy Bunnykins finished reading the children The Ugly Duckling, he asked them what the moral of the story was.
"Being pretty is more important than anything!" said Frank.
"Ducks are crap but swans rule!" said Jemima.
"Peer pressure and mob mentality are dangerous weapons!" said Marky.
"Oh children," said Mr Bouncy Bunnykins, "they're all good answers, but the moral of the story is: It's what's inside that counts."
The children looked confused.
"I'll show you."
And with that, Mr Bouncy Bunnykins took off his mask, pulled out a knife and gutted the lot of them. "Get it, dumb-dumbs?" he asked.

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