Tuesday, 7 April 2009

More pics from Banksy for 1p at Carnaby Street

My pupils are too dilated to finish my painting, but i'll talk to youuuu....!

Genius stroke - this dude is 19 years old!

DJ Onthenight

Reeps One (Secret Wars artist) beatboxing


Helboy loves sparkles - so does his girl!

Ok, further to my previous post about the fantastic night put on by Artichoke Ltd in Carnaby Street (yes, that's right - the night where we didn't win a framed, signed Banksy for 1p, but Yorick came close and Huw came even closer - no cigars but plenty of free Brahmas, yes, that's the one).

Anyway, here's some more pics from the night - sorry, they're only phone pics so the crowd shots were rubish ...

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