Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The works of John Isaacs may make you vomit a little (or a lot for that matter!)

Matrix of amnesia (click to enlarge image)

Everyone's talking about Jesus (click to enlarge image)

I can't help the way I feel (click to enlarge image)

Julie wasp (click to enlarge image)

Dubbed the 'Mixed Media Madman', and I can see why - there's nothing subtle about the artworks of John Isaacs. While some artists would like to make pretty pictures and beautify the world with their expression, John's work comments critically on how screwed up the world has become and demands attention. Every piece is a morally critical statement on the way we choose to live our lives as a species in this modern world. His hideously confronting executions can't help but make you think and riddle you with guilt on what we have become... It's likeLink being bludgeoned about the head with our fast food guzzling, consumer driven, resource eating, air polluting, Prozac popping ways. Yep.

Not married to one medium in particular, John Isaacs will use anything at his disposal to convey his message and does so with technical precision. Check some examples from vist vast catalogue of work to the right of this post and for more examples visit:

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