Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Time to clear the phone...

Been a while since I have purged the phone, so I thought I'd chuck up a few of my favs from the last little while when I haven't had my camera with me. Quality is a but sus, but you get that. Enjoy.

 (LoveFilth popping up all around archway/Holloway/Islington)

(Nice Grafter stencil on an electricity box on our way to the garden) 

(Classic retro viewmaster piece from Toby in Crouch End) 

(Classic retro viewmaster piece from Toby in Crouch End)  

 (Invader down town - either in Totenhamcourt Rd, or Regent St - can't remember)

Tile in Archway - don't think it's anything to do with Invader tho... ) 

(Penis, think this was near Angel somewhere?)

(Banksy or not? Think not, but it's along Holloway Rd by a bed shop)

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