Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Copyright: Pop Lives, Pagan Hearts at Pure Evil

Went to Pure Evil Gallery last night for the opening of Copyright: Pop Lives, Pagan Hearts. The exhibition runs from the 23rd November – 2nd December 2012, and showcases a brand new collection of original works from artist Copyright. The show features 2D and 3D works on wood, new limited editions and experimental installation pieces.

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Loved this piece (well, pieces). 
We bought the one 2nd row from bottom, far right
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Pop Lives, Pagan Hearts is Copyrights 2012 solo show and sees him exploring the pop elements of his work the bright colours and repetition, but combining this with mythological narratives at the same time.

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Loved these too but the one I liked most had already been sold 

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This was lovely too. 
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Caught up with Copyright during the show

Caught up with him during the show, and (as always) that was an absolute pleasure. Sorry about the quality of the photos tho chap.

The show is curated by Newcastle based Zero Cool Gallery, their second show in a week, so congratulations also to Anthony for all the hard work - it paid off.

Congratulations also to Charlie from Pure Evil Gallery, who was unable to attend the opening due to the arrival of his baby daughter Bunny. 


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