Monday, 12 November 2012

Urban Masters at Hearn St car park pt3

The next 3 posts are all going to feature work from this weekends Urban Masters show. Here is the intro from LeCool, to give you a brief overview... Set in a "fittingly urban" setting - a former Victorian factory in Shoreditch - the Opera Gallery & ANV have invited 33 big names (Blek le Rat, Shepard Fairy, Nick Walker to name a few) along to show what's what when it comes to urban art. The show's all about paying homage to those who've inspired the artists: from art masters from history, to masterpieces, and current muses - and they're not doing it by halves. Expect your senses to be overwhelmed with works spanning from canvasses, installations, moving art, photography, pop-art, and street art. Surprises come as standard. Also: free posters for anyone heading down on November the 9th along with a public book signing (11am-7pm) makes the show a winner..

C215 - Girl

David Shillinglaw 

Shepard Fairey - Duality of humanity 1


Zezao - Pluvial Waters 

Nick Gentry - Memorial FB (on floppy dicks) 

Blek le Rat - Dancer 

Sowat - (unsure of the title) 

Zeus - Love, crash and burn 

Joe Black - (Unsure of the title, but it's made of hundreds 
of hand made badges featuring a variety of scenes - mainly porn)

Joe Black (detail) 

Joe Black (detail)  

Joe Black (detail)  

Risk - Something cookin' 

Rone - I don't care (I'd rather sink than call Rone for help) 

Zeus - Love, crash and burn  

 Kan - Le bain d'Ingres

I'll feature more from this great show over the next few posts, stay tuned...

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