Monday, 16 February 2009

Bush fire worst non-war disaster in Aussie history

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The number of people killed by the devastating Black Saturday bush fires that swept through SE Australia last week has claimed over 180 lives. Public anger over the worst bush fires in Australia's history remains high. Mr Sokaluk (the arsonist responsible for helping it along) was moved from Morwell, where he was questioned by police, to a cell in Melbourne for his own safety. As the van carrying him pulled out of the town, enraged locals pounded on the doors and yelled abuse.

The Australian government has announced there will be a national day of mourning on Sunday to honour the victims of the Victorian bush fires.

The death toll from the blazes stands at 189, but is expected to pass 300.

This isn't the sort of thing I usually post on my blog, but on good thing (?) that came out of it was some spectacular photography.

There has been a bushfire victim's tribute site set up if you feel like giving your sympathys or donations to those affected by this tragic situation:

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