Sunday, 1 February 2009

Eat Static at Inspiral Lounge

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Last night Yorick managed to convince me to go to the Inspiral Lounge on the banks of the Camden cana for the Eat Static 20 year anniversary gig. I was familiar with the band - I'd been into their weird experimental electronic meanderings from the early 90's, so it was a blast from the past. Eat Static used to be a 3 piece (Merv Pepler, Joie Hinton and Steve Everitt), but now stripped down to one (Merv).

Inspiral is a great little space - intimate lounge bar/cafe upstairs and another little lounge space downstairs, which you can access the canal bank from for more outdoor water side action. This place is straight from Amsterdam, and is certain to go off in summer with a roof top deck as well.

We got to meet Merv before the gig, and he was a top bloke. Well edgy and the obvious result of 20 years of chemical experimentation. His set was top notch, and we had a great time.

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