Monday, 9 February 2009

Style tips from Goldie at Matter

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Friday night, plan was set. Jagen, Paul & yours truely had tix to Ram Records bumper night at Matter. We'd been looking forward to this for ages. The lineup was a veritable who's who of D&B, and read like my wish-list. Andy C, Fabio, Chase and Status, Goldie, Hype, Subfocus, Red One, Noisia, D Bridge, Skream to highlight just the tip of the iceberg.

Got down there without a hitch. Free shuttle bus from the station was a nice touch too (thanks to our driver Dan). Thru the doors and security baboons, easy coat check and straight up to room 2 via the mezzanine, from where you could check the main area below, and the VIP area above.

Matter was rammed (as you'd expect with a Ram Records line up), but it was still easy enough to move around, as long as you weren't trying to break through the middle of the dance floor in the main room. The bar runs virtually the full length of the main room, and there's another one in the second room.

Unfortunately our night was cut short when I had a hypo, and after being marched out by a bouncer, seen by a medic who knew very little anything medical, etc... we found ourselves outside at the rear exit. After continued arguments with the head of security (more like the bad ape from Planet of the...) it was obvious we weren't getting back in.

So, Jagen and I were waiting out in the cold for Paul. That's when we were joined by (the infamous) Goldie. He had the biggest grin I've ever seen on a dj, obviously highlighted by the spotlights glinting on his gold teeth. He put his arm around Jagen and said "don't know if the sideburns are really working bro", laughed, and whipped off back to his crew. The thing that was the most amazing is that he'd left his crew and come all the way over to us just to pass comment on the sideys. Awesome.

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Dave said...

Goldie don't know shit. Jagan's sideys are da muthafunkin bomb! Bring back the face fungus!