Wednesday, 14 October 2009

New work on Sclater Street

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(detail) click on image to enlarge

Stikman goes bling on sidewalk - click on image to enlarge

Some vivid new works up when I was down in the Brick Lane hood recently. I liked this one, but unfortunately there was a car parked in the way, so couldn't get a good straight-on shot of it. The whole area has been a mecca for graffiti artists over the past few years, and MOS'09 a while back was wicked (see 'meeting of styles' posts from about 5 months ago).

This area of Bacon/Cygnet/Sclater streets is bordering a large construction site, and unfortunately the owners have changed the rules for the fences surrounding the site. It is now illegal (pretty sure it was before too, but...) and under heavy security guard and extra cctv. Crap!

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