Thursday, 22 January 2009

Goodbye Bush...

I don't think there's a person left on this earth who isn't thrilled/glad/relieved to see the back of George Bush, America's worst president. Which is why I laughed out loud when I saw this brilliant ad in the Australian newspaper, The Daily Telegraph today. Supermarket hair removal brand Veet joined in the loud chorus of 'goodbye and good riddens' and sold a few more tubes of hair removal cream at the same time. Brilliant. No more Bush indeed.

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PostMuse said...

Ooooo... there are plenty in the States who are sad to see Bush gone. I live in a city full of them and I hear from them pretty much every day in my job at the local public broadcasting affiliate (sort of like BBC, but not really).

I did a happy dance when he got on that airplane, nastily wishing some sort of Fringe (a new X-Files-like show in the US) experience would happen to him as he headed back to his ranch. I suspect the conservative idiots will find a way of putting him on a pedestal in 10 years and the sheep will hail his reign of idiocy.