Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Ha! Those crazy fuckn Danish!

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I came across some of Simon's portraiture work a few years ago, but his latest project is by far the most ambitious. He has a favored style concept of taking his photos over a period of time from the same place. His current project is no exception to this concept.

Simon's spent the last 17 months creating a truly remarkable piece of photographic history.... His photograph entitled We're all Gonna Die – 100 Metres of Existence uses an extraordinary dimension of image (100m x 78 cm) to highlight how incredibly ordinary we (well, at least some Germans) are.

All in all, there are 178 people in the photograph that were shot over the course of 20 days from the same spot on a railroad bridge in Berlin, most of whom oblivious of the fact that they would be part of such an historical image. There are a few obvious questions that come to mind for me... where the hell do you hang a photograph that is 100m long? Can you still classify and composite image made from multiple photographs a single photo? Regardless of either of these facts or if in fact this is the longest photo ever, I
can't help but respect the effort and concept.

To witness the spectacular online fruition/representation of this project (and the images I've put here from the site really don't do his work justice), I urge you to go to:

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