Thursday, 29 January 2009

I see your face in the clouds

(Click to enlarge)

Out and about the other night I was surprised to see a rather large face staring across the road at us. Not completely proportionate, slightly skewiff (the picture - not me, fool!) there was something strangely attractive yet unattractive about this piece. So why does it look weird?

Here's a little test for you all. Enlarge the image in your browser. Now shield the majority of the face focusing on only one feature at a time. First the left eye, then the right, then the mouth (I realize the mouth is completely off center, but bear with me). Each individual feature is actually really well illustrated for a 2.5m tall aerosol painting on a roller door, but it looks like they're from 3 different subjects, or the same subject source from 3 different angles comped together to make one.


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