Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Rosie Hardy - Fantas(y/tic) photographer

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Through the fantastic vehicle of flickr over the weekend, I was forwarded on to a young photographer called Rosie Hardy. Originally from England, but soon off to USA to be with her partner (also a photographer, who she met through flickr), this 18 year old just blew my mind with her outstanding photography and concepts. A little bit dark, a lot quirky, this youngster has a prolific output (on top of a hectic school schedule), but still manages to get a pic out every day for her 365 (self portrait) project. In fact most of her work is self portraiture with a twist, and her comping and retouching skills are well above average too. Makes the rest of us look positively lethargic.

(Thanks Rosie, and good luck with your psychology exam)

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