Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Larger than life resin sculptures from Will Coles

Untitled fiberglass toy soldier sculpture & artist (Will Coles)

Blacklodge!! put me on to Will Coles, a Sydney artist, a while back, and it's taken me a while to feature him here, but thought I'd start with this piece from last year. He works in resin and concrete, and is currently working on a range of crushed cans, tv remotes, mobile phones and other inanimate objects cast in resin/ a range of suitcases, tvs and crushed juice containers cast in concrete, and bearing single word messages like 'H8', 'Obsolesence', 'Lies', 'Evolve' etc - relative in some obscure way to the subject. These sculptural pieces are then placed around the city. I'm not sure whether they're stuck down or available for the perceptive viewer to take.

This piece is a larger than life version of an existing toy soldier. Enlarged from an already poor copy of a copy of the original, losing shape as well as relevance with time. People stopped playing with toy soldiers years ago in the West, he's now a monument for all those un-played with toy soldiers. Lest we forget.

Check his latest here:

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