Thursday, 30 July 2009

Some new pieces up in Shoreditch area

On our way to Brick Lane last night I noticed a few works-in-progress that I felt were worthy of a bit of publicity. These pieces are all from the area near Dray Walk. Unsure of the artists at this stage, so will have to come back to that when I know, but at this stage I'll name them alphanumerically. Will be back over Hackney & Shoreditch way on Saturday, so will try to see how they've progressed then.

A. Scratched out of pinboard (click to enlarge)
Detail showing the scratching & digging (L), Thr whole 10ft image (C),
The position - bottom left on the building gives you an idea of scale (R)

This piece was about 10ft square, and was a portrait that was scratched or scraped out of a piece of plasterboard or pinboard type material. A unique medium if you ask me - I've not seen such a large piece done in this technique before.

27/08/09: Have been online since, and pretty sure it's a piece by Vhils (Alexandre Farto) from Portugal. More here:

B. Sculptural piece made of painted plaster? (click to enlarge)

Piece B is sculptural, and I'm guessing it's made of plaster and then painted in hi-gloss enamel paint. The piece is about 12ft up the wall and is about a foot tall. Really nice cultural piece, and kind of reminds me of what some Aussie artists are doing at the moment with street sculpture, as opposed to painting (see previous article on Mal Function, although I featured his more monotone range, but his latest work is dynamically coloured like this piece).

C. Scraped billboard (click to enlarge)

This piece was created by scraping away the layers of posters to create a multi level project. Kind of Farley like, and only just hanging in there, but a lovely aesthetic none the less. Shame we were loosing the light and I didn't have the chance to get up colser for some detail shots. Oh well, next time...

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