Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Mal Function on the streets of Melbourne

mal function - Envy

mal function - TNT

mal function - He's just a poor boy from a poor family

mal function - Peak Hour

Another Melbourne artist I've been following is Mal Function, who's cast faces have been popping up on walls and lamp posts around Fitzroy and Brunswick hoods. They started off fairly monochromatic, but he's moving into a much brighter area now, and some of the more recent faces are sporting Asian dragon graphics, Celtic tattoos and Kiss style make-up.

Check his work here:


Will said...

His new stuff is even better, lots of colour, can't wait to get down to Melbourne to check them out. Easy to find his stuff on Flickr.

mish said...

Yeah I know Will, I'm trying to get hold of him before doing another story. I kinda like his monochromatic ones though. Lachlan emailed me some pics he'd taken of the new stuff in situ around Melbourne. Nice indeed.