Friday, 29 May 2009

Charlie Ash play the Rhythm Factory

Ben, Mailee, and Rosie at the Russian Bar post gig

Rosie rides Rupert (like the donkey he is) during the final track

Ah, a kissy kissy moment with Rosie

Had a great time at the Charlie Ash gig last night. They put on a free gig for friends at the Rhythm Factory in Whitechapel Road. This was their last London gig as they're off to Paris today, followed by Germany, but will be back to London for a few days of R&R before returning to NZ. They supported Ladyhawk last week, which, by all accounts went off.

It was great catching up with Rosie and Mailee - who I know from my Radio@ctive days - over a drink before the gig, as well as a host of ex-pats. The show was short but sweet, and included Rosie's cheeky banter, all of their electro synth poptastic hits, some swinging from the lighting rig, and even some crowd riding (Rupert was the lucky donkey selected for that treat during the finale. Good times indeed.

Followed that up by a trip to the Russian Bar in Kingsland Road for some crazy dancing and more crew catch ups. Was lovely to see them again and catch up with the news from home. Go Go C. ash crew...

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