Friday, 22 May 2009

Evol electric box conversion

Evol (CTink). Click image to enlarge.

Thought I'd throw Evol's flickr up so you can see some of what he's been doing under the guise of the Evol (CTink) name.

This pic is from Berliner Antonio Shultz. Not sure when she shot it - think it may have been Berlin, but interesting story:

"EVOL transformed this electricity box into a block of flats (it`s a "Plattenbau"). A really beautiful place was born! And then some squatters came to live in this house. My foto shows an early state, in the end there were about ten creatures and characters sticked into the windows by other artists (AEM, NOLOGO, ...). There was even a mini-throwup at the basis."

[EVOL used stencils on a transparent paper and pasted it to the electricity box.]

Check Evol's site out here:

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