Saturday, 9 May 2009

Selfcontrolfreak and Baschz's Masterpiece 2.0

Masterpiece 2.0 is the latest project from and Selfcontrolfreak and Baschz (who were formerly known as Betamaxxx).

While I'd love to explain the project to you, it's so complex (and in my mind, brilliant) that perhaps I should just share the artist's statement:

"It’s the first ever canvas being made with a Web 2.0 approach. The canvas interacts with its visitors who can affect the process and final outcome of this masterpiece.

Through actions like Introduce Object, Shirt 'Em and Cameo Appearance you can interact with Selfcontrolfreak, right on the canvas! This will add new animation to the time-lapse movie and get you a one-off hi-res image of one of your animation's frames, created and signed by Baschz.

You can follow the whole process LIVE through the webcam and Twitter feeds.

The final multilayered canvas and documentation of the project are being auctioned, so you can become the owner of this unique painting!"

Confused? Don't worry. Click here to check out the site:


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