Monday, 11 May 2009

Secret Wars Glasgow: England v Scotland

(left) London's Jimi & Tecks v Scotlands Conzo & Vues (right)

It was a close battle with both teams flexing different styles, Jimi and Teck flew in just hours before the battle so they were jet lagged but as usual the gents morphed up a beautifully clean, bold and well composed battle piece taking a striking lead from the start. The Scots, Vues and Conzo brought two different styles to the table stirring up a tasty Glasgow flavoured inky broth!

In the end the Scots managed to scoop a win on their home turf with the judging as follows:
• Crowd Vote (an obvious one!) - Scotland
• Judge 1 (Amy from the Recoat Gallery) - England
• Judge 2 (Australian Graffiti Artist ‘Smug’) – Scotland

Check out the official Secret Wars Website for updates and other battles happening in a city near you throughout the rest of the world. Also stay updated with the Scottish Secret Wars blog as pictures and videos from Friday’s battle will be added soon.

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